DNA of an Elder Dog

In late January 2010 an Elder Dog came into our lives.  Of course, I’m speaking of Cthulhu.
Happy Elder Dog

He was a rescue, and other than obviously having a lot of black Labrador Retriever in him we didn’t know what kind of mix he was.  After a while we decided he was probably a lab/boxer mix.  He shows a lot of the physical traits of a boxer, and he loves to get up on his hind legs and wave his front paws around.

My dad gave us a canine DNA test for Christmas, and we just got the results back.

To make a Cthulhu mix the following:

The Labrador Retriever part is obvious, and not just physically.  There isn’t anything in the world that he loves more than fetching the ball out of the river.  He’s very stout with a big barrel chest that’s very heavily muscled, and that’s the Rottweiler in him.  It’s also the likely explanation for his 85lb weight.  Schnauzer?  I’ve got nothing.