e’s Skylander Army

If you follow me on Twitter or listen to Major Nelson Radio, you may know that I’m a bit of a Skylanders fan.  Honestly, I’m not sure how it happened.  The game had been under my radar when it released, probably because of just how crazy things were at work at the time.  It came to my attention when I saw the game being talked about at Penny-Arcade and heard Jeff raving about it on the Giant Bombcast.

I happened to be in a Gamestop with my son a few weeks ago and picked up the Starter Pack (currently on sale at Amazon for $49.99) on a whim.  I picked up a few other Skylanders on the way home that day and started playing.  The next thing you know I’m stopping at every Wal-Mart and Target I see looking for characters that I don’t have yet.  I may have stopped at six places looking for Hex last weekend, but it’s ok because she’s awesome:


A lot of folks have been asking me questions like “which Skylander is exclusive to which retailer?”.  For FAQs like that, I’d suggest the Giant Bomb Skylanders Page.

The main reason that I’m making this post isn’t to talk about what Skylanders is, or why I like it so much.  It’s to answer the #1 Skylanders question I’ve been getting: which ones do you have?

(It’ll also be a nice reference for me when I’m at a store, so I’ll probably keep it updated as I add to the collection)

e’s Skylander Army:

  • Air: Sonic Boom, Whirlwind
  • Earth: Bash, Dino-Rang, Prism Break, Terrafin
  • Fire: Eruptor, Flameslinger
  • Life: Stealth Elf, Stump Smash
  • Magic: Spyro, Voodood, Wrecking Ball
  • Tech: Boomer, Drill Sergeant, Drobot, Trigger Happy
  • Undead: Chop Chop, Ghost Roaster, Hex
  • Water: Gill Grunt, Zap

Plus Legendary Bash, Legendary Chop Chop, & Legendary Spyro.  I also have the Pirate Seas & Darklight Crypt Adventure Packs.

I don’t have a problem.  I can stop anytime I want to.  I just don’t want to, because they’re really freaking cool.

EDIT, 11/27/11: I have a 3DS Skylanders Starter Pack on the way which will add Dark Spyro and Ignitor to my army, giving me a total of 27 unique Skylanders.  I think that’s all the ones that are currently available minus the rare Silver Boomer.

A Silver Eruptor has been found in the wild.

EDIT, 12/1/11: A Silver Dino-Rang has been found in the wild.

EDIT, 12/10/11: I’ve got a Silver Dino-Rang of my own!