Seattle Retro Gaming Expo

Today was the first day of the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. We were there bright and early at 8:45, as people who pre-ordered tickets got in at 9 while everyone else had to wait until 10. The perfect plan to score the best gear!

Here’s today’s haul:From the 2012 Seattle Retro Gaming Expo

  • An Atari 5200 complete with AC adapter, two controllers, Star Raiders, Galaxian, Super Breakout, Defender, Football, Pac-Man, & Centipede.
  • E.T. for the Atari 2600 (how did I not already have a copy of that?!)
  • Sonic CD
  • X-Men for Genesis
  • 14 Game Gear games (including Sonic, Columns, & X-Men!)
  • N64 Expansion Pack (which doubles the RAM to a whopping 8MB)
  • Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, & R-Type III for N64

All of that ran me less than $200 including the $40 spent on admission. ┬áThe most expensive item of the bunch (other than the 5200) was R-Type III, but it was totally worth the $20 I paid. I’m a R-Type fan of the highest order – I’ve got a functioning R-Type cabinet, and what’s starting to be a fairly complete R-Type collection on console. At some point I’m going to need to sit down and figure out just how complete my collection is and figure out what it’ll take to finish it.