Playing SimCity on a Surface Pro

YES, you can play the new SimCity on a Surface Pro. I did just that for a couple of hours last night. There’s even limited touch support. I was quite pleased with the experience.

There is one thing that you’ll need to know:

You’ll need to download a beta version of the Origin client from EA’s forums. If you’re running the currently released version of Origin (as I was) you’ll get a bogus error about “The game will not run in a virtual environment”. Thanks again to Scott Lowe at IGN for pointing this out.

There’s also one thing that you should know:

The game runs – in my opinion – just fine on the Surface Pro. Remember, though, that it’s a supremely portable two pound device and not a gaming PC that you can heat your house with. If you’re expecting it to run this game at 1920×1080 with all the graphical settings maxed out you’ll be disappointed. If that’s what you’re after then a computer with an Intel i5 CPU and Intel’s integrated HD4000 graphics might not be right for you.

I’ve fiddled with a bunch of options, and right now I’m running the game in a 1366×768 window. That lets me keep up with IM & Twitter while I’m playing without having to spend all my time working my ALT+TAB keys.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some traffic problems to deal with…