Last Night In Tarsis

Last night we stopped off at an inn in Tarsis.

For a reason that I’ll never understand, we welcomed a newcomer into the party. He’s a pompous High Elf with an over-inflated sense of his own worth. He’s not even smart enough to avoid getting drunk in the common room. I could probably get 20 steel pieces for him on the docks, tops. The jackass even has a retainer who clearly is leagues smarter than he is.

We went upstairs to one of our rooms to talk and the idiot Ianandra Fellhallow came with us. He began getting mouthy so I pulled a dagger. Balancing a dagger on its point is usually an excellent way to get someone to moderate their behavior. He’s clearly not very bright. The dumbass decided to demonstrate his ability to cast the most common of spells, and cast Gust of Wind in the room.

Not expecting him to be that stupid, I was caught off guard and I wound up on my ass. I caught my dagger on the way down, reversed it, and flicked it directly at him.

I caught the idiot in the center of the forehead with the pommel. He’s got a wicked knot on his head, he’s four hit points lighter, and I don’t think he’ll trifle with me again.

– Trevic the (chaotic neutral) Rogue (assassin)