Planning for Extra Life 2013

Thanks to your generous donations, last year we raised $5,333 for Seattle Children’s Hospital┬áduring Extra Life 2012.

Extra Life 2013 takes place on November 2nd. I’m hoping that we can beat last year’s total, and I’m tossing around several ideas trying to figure out what would be most entertaining. Some of the ideas I’m considering:

  • Revisiting last year’s “play to make e play the game you want to see”
  • A Crackdown marathon: “Can e find all 500 Agility Orbs in 24 hours?”
  • A Spelunky marathon: “Can e finally beat this game, and how many times will he die and curse endlessly?”
  • An Infocom marathon
  • Revisiting classic console games of the 80s & 90s

Regardless of what I wind up going with, I’m hoping to have lots of cool items for giveaways during the event.

What would you like to see? What would entice you to donate? Let me know in the comments!