My name is Eric, but most people call me e.  This blog is a place for me to share random things about gadgets, food, my dog, and whatever else seems important to me at the moment.

The one thing I won’t do here is talk about work – so please don’t take anything I say here to be an announcement/statement or anything more than my personal opinion.

  • Great blog e! Cant wait to try to make the Bacon Cornbread Muffins, they sound great! Love listening to you guys on the Pod cast, and have fun at E3 wish I was there. Working to try to get into the biz. well see you around and if you ever wanna play a game GT is MikeyThePirate with a 78K gamer score 😉

    See ya man!

  • DJ Mantis

    Love the blog e! Keep posting the recipes! 

  • Tony

    heading to PAX Prime from San Francisco. Can you recommend some good restaurants? Or link off to some reviews you have made? Thanks E,


  • Dean

    Howdy Eric. Been a long time since FIB. Please give my best regards to Bubbles the next time you run into her. : )