Gadget Confession

There are times when I manage to hold the desire for new toys at bay, and times when I don’t. Up until recently I’d been holding off – although that was probably an artifact of how busy I’ve been lately. Not only at work, but raising a puppy doesn’t leave one a lot of free time either.

In the last month the gadgets have broken through my resolve (again).

It started when a friend at work announced that she was selling her old consoles. Clearly, I had a responsibility to ensure that they found a good home – and what better home could I find than mine? So an Atari 2600, a NES, a SNES, a Sega Saturn, and an Atari Jaguar all moved in.

Then Amazon decided to have a day of Xbox Gold Box deals. It wasn’t very nice of them to do this when I was in a weakened state but I suppose they’ve got their own reasons. One of the deals was the Mad Catz Rock Band Wireless Fender – normally over $200 – for $99. I’ve already got half a dozen RB/GH guitars in the house but they’ve all suffered a lot of abuse over the years and no longer work quite right. Given the raves I’ve heard from friends with these I couldn’t say no.

Like most gadget freaks, I have a ton of media in the house. There are many gigabytes of pictures, music, and videos scattered across various hard drives. A couple of years ago I picked up a Shuttle PC that’s been idle for a while. Last week I ordered a Drobo and three Western Digital 2 TB hard drives that’ll connect to the Shuttle to consolidate my media. Assuming I don’t get distracted, later this weekend I’ll be installing Win7 on the Shuttle and starting the process of moving my files over. This will also be the new home for my PlayOn installation.

Finally, I’ve been planning to pick up an e-reader for a while. I’m a lover of books – I’ve got a couple of thousand in the house – but there’s a downside to that. They’re everywhere. I’ve got a lot of bookshelves and they’re all full. It seems like every flat surface in the house has books on it. The logical thing to do would’ve been picking up a Kindle but like a lot of my friends I’ve been fascinated by the iPad. I can run the Kindle app on it, play games, surf the web, and more? Tempting, but much more expensive than a Kindle and completely unnecessary. I’ve already got a 3GS, a DS, a GP2x, and I’m planning to pick up a new gaming notebook this year to play Civ 5 on. An iPad would be a complete waste of money.

So… if you haven’t already figured it out by now, I bought an iPad last week too – a 64GB wifi model. I’ve already put a few games on it like PvZ, Dungeon Hunter, and SpaceStation. It’s also a really nice secondary device for checking Gamefaqs or TrueAchievements while gaming on the 360.

I may have a problem…