The Fitbit is pretty awesome

About a month ago I ordered a Fitbit.


In a nutshell it’s a really advanced pedometer that tracks and uploads your activity to the web.  I’d seen one some time ago and decided it wasn’t for me – I don’t walk or run much, as I’ve got bad feet and knees.

Having a puppy in the house has changed all of that.  I’m walking for 30 minutes to an hour with him after I get home from work, and we try to take at least one trip to the dog park each weekend.  I started wondering how much distance we were covering, and that’s when I remembered the Fitbit.

It was pretty easy to talk myself into ordering one, but they’re having a really hard time meeting demand and mine isn’t expected to ship until mid-June.  Then, I got lucky.  A friend got one but decided I had a better use for it than he did right now – so he gave me his, and when mine arrives I’m giving it to him.

Today was only my third day with it, and I’m in love with it.  If you’re the kind of person who’s fascinated by achievements and gamerscore, this is the way you should track your activity.  It automatically uploads data wirelessly when you walk near the USB-connected base station, and then you can check to see how many steps you’ve taken, how often you were active during the day, and much more.  It’s all tracked so you can see your history and compare yourself to friends or the complete fitbit population.

So far today I’ve taken 9,698 steps, traveled 4.32 miles, and burned an estimated 2,421 calories.  If only I could get achievements for this…

  • bawitdaba

    Sounded sort of pointless until you tied it back to gaming, great way to one up yourself on a daily basis. On the gripping hand i’m sure there is or will be an iPhone app that does similar with less accuracy

  • They could easily code in distance/calory based “achievements”. We learnt stuff like that in Cert IV IT.

  • Well I’m glad you finally got one. I thought I’d be safe from temptation until at least June though! 🙂 I’m in the same boat you are in with certain technologies…I have to buy for others as well as myself.

    Looking forward to more posts on your experience with it.

  • PhenomenalFox

    I want one because of you e but they wont ship to the UK.

    It would be great if it had 360 dash integration and achievements!!!

  • Cyrus

    I have had mine for about a week now. I wonder how accurate the “miles traveled” calculation is. According to mine, I walk 3-5 miles per day.