Extra Life Live Blog

For the next 24 hours, I – along with my family and friends – will be playing games.  It’s part of Extra Life, and I’m participating to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

It’s not too late to donate!  All you have to do is click here.

I’ll be keeping a running tally of the day’s events in this post, so feel free to check in every hour or so and see what we’re up to.

8AM: Wow, my house is quiet this early on a Saturday.  Other than me only my son and Cthulhu are awake.  I’m going to start out with a game I really enjoyed but never quite finished – Split/Second.  Let’s see if I can finish it!

8:15: I’m only a level and a half away from finishing.  I’m starting by replaying a few old races to unlock the last few.  In the meantime, I told my son to put the cover on our giant 6′ beanbag because we’ll need it later.  The puppy is “helping” him.  Listening to the two of them is more fun than the game :).

9:15: The beanbag never did get the cover back on.  We’ll have to try that again later.  I’m almost into the last episode of Split/Second, but my trigger finger on my right hand already hurts because I’m jamming the trigger as hard as possible trying to go faster.  Does that work?

9:57: Unlocked the Season Finale of Split/Second.  I can almost taste the achievements…

10:38: Achievements Unlocked!

  Made the Podium – Complete the Season Championship – 40G

  Season Champion – Complete the Season Championship in frist place – 80G

11:06 The boy and the puppy were getting rowdy so I sent them out for a walk.  In the meantime I’m moving on from Split/Second to Enslaved.

11:15 Achievement Unlocked!

  Lover, Not a fighter – Sneak past a group of enemies without alerting them – 15G

12:25 We’ve raised another $125 from two new donations – thank you!

12:39 Achievement Unlocked!

  Up on the Roof – Complete Chapter 3 – 10G

1:07 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock! Perfect game to play with the friends that just started rolling in…

1:21 Achievement Unlocked!

  Tracker of Deeds – Followed the Feed – 10G

We’re up to $1,581 raised for Seattle Children’s!  Thank you!

1:29 Achievements Unlocked!

  Bearers of the Standard – 5-starred as a Medium Standard Band – 10G

  Anthemic Archivist – Collected at least 115 songs – 10G

1:40 Did I mention @stepto, @lawjick, and @lance_bubo are playing GH with me?

Achievement Unlocked!

  Gold Standard – Earned Gold on 2 Band Challenges at once! – 20G

3:30 @majornelson and @stepto have left, but we replaced them with @thedonwan and Dave. Rock Band 2 time!

5:30 We’re up to $1,911 raised for Seattle Children’s Hospital! We’re almost to my goal of $2,500 – thank you!

Also, @lauralollipop is here and we’re going to get her to sing :).

6:30 Munchkin Cthulhu!

8:25 We’re over $2k! We’ve raised $2,019.50 for Seattle Children’s Hospital!

That Munchkin game ended hideously.  @lawjick didn’t want me to win, so he helped someone else win – just because he’d died twice! ARGH.

8:45 Mad Scientist University!

10:25 MSU was an absolute BLAST. With that done we’re returning to GH:WoR.

10:40 One quick game of Zombie Dice before we start GH:WoR.

12:45AM Half the house is playing Reach while the other half is working through the GH:WoR campaign. It’s loud in here, and we’re using a lot a bandwidth :).

3:06 Finished playing 2112 by Rush and now I think my arm is going to fall off. No more guitar for the evening after that…

3:23 Back to Enslaved.

3:51 I think I’m too tired for Enslaved… moving to the very turn-based Civilization V for the last four hours of Extra Life.

8:01 We raised $2,282.50 for Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Thank you, thank you for your support.  I’m going to go sleep now :).