Gears 3 for G3 Live Blog

Tonight I’ve got a houseful of friends as we raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital with G3.  We’ll be playing Horde Mode 2.0 from level 1 to level 50.

We’re about to get started once we eat some of this astounding food we’ve got on hand.

The team is myself, my spawn, @stepto, @justicar, & @seattledre. Level 50’ll be a piece of cake :D.

If you’d like to support us and Seattle Children’s Hospital, you can donate here.

8:10PM Here we go!

8:22PM Here we go for reals :).

8:42PM Wave 10 complete! We got a Brumak for the first boss wave.

9:10PM First attempt at Wave 20 fail. Berserkers+lack of teamwork=death.

9:21PM Wave 20 complete! It was a three Berserker wave, but our outstanding teamwork won the day.

9:49PM Wave 30 complete! Another Berserker wave with lots of screaming like little girls.

10:00PM We had a quick break for food. Bacon brats from the Swinery in Seattle, simmered in beer and sweet onions on a bun with dijon and ketchup. OMNOMNOM.

10:03PM We may have gotten a little too excited over the bonus in round 31 for chainsaw kills.  We were all dead except Stepto who was on a turret.  As he gets surrounded he calls out “who’s on my left side?”.  My response: “well, it’s not any of us!”.  He died.

10:27PM Wave 38.  The challenge was “no one die”.  Someone yells “I’m down”.  Someone else yells “WHY ARE YOU WAY OVER THERE?!”.  We made it through the map, but three people may have died in the process :).

10:36PM First attempt at Wave 40 fail. Berserkers+lack of teamwork+@justicar falling through the map=death.

11:04PM The third attempt at Wave 40 failed when @justicar lagged out.  We broke the game down and had to restart at Wave 37 to earn some cash for turrets.  We got a good boss roll with Corpsers – there was lots of panic and screaming, but we made it through.

11:56PM First attempt at Wave 50.

11:59PM Second attempt at Wave 50. First one was Berserkers.

12:03AM Third attempt at Wave 50. Second one was Berserkers.

12:06AM Fourth attempt at Wave 50. Third one was Berserkers. I HATE BERSERKERS.


Horde 1-50 in less than 4 hours :D. WOOHOO!