I am a Minecraft Idiot.

If you’re a regular listener to Major Nelson Radio or you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that I recently got sucked back into Minecraft.  This is also my first time playing multiplayer Minecraft. Some friends of mine invited me to their private server, and while I don’t really have time right now I wanted to be polite and stop by for a visit or two.

Saturday night was my first visit.  Sunday was my second.  Early this morning – around 5AM – was my third.

My friends graciously set me up with a stunning plot of land that I named R’lyeh.  Very close to my tiny starter home I discovered a fairly massive abandoned mine. I thought I had it just about cleared and lit when I “slipped” and fell. And fell. And fell. And died.

I respawned, grabbed some spare equipment from a crate, and rushed back to recover my gear. I’d been carrying a diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, decent armor, and had mined some good stuff including redstone, iron, and moss stone that I wanted.

I made my way safely to the bottom of the chasm but found nothing. At this point one of my friends took pity on me and came to help. She was able to find several of my items on a ledge two-thirds of the way down, and put up a couple of ladders to help me work my way back to the surface. Content that all was as it should be, she went back to building spaceships – yeah, she’s good – and left me to my own devices.

At the very bottom of the pit there are several lava flows, and a lot of obsidian. Oooh, obsidian! I wants it, my preciousss! Veteran Minecrafters know that obsidian is formed when lava and water touch, so of course there was a lot of water around. I placed some blocks to keep most of it out of my way and got to digging.

Shortly I had about a dozen obsidian blocks in my inventory. I’d cleaned up an entire deposit with the exception of two or three blocks underneath the stone I’d placed to re-route the water flow. I figured I’d mine those and call it a night (morning).

Can you guess what happened next?

Apparently there was water on the other side of those obsidian blocks. As soon as I’d broken one of them, it came rushing in – extinguishing my torch and trapping me. In case you’re wondering, you’ll get to experience about 20 seconds of terror before you drown in Minecraft.

I respawned back in my house. I grabbed what spares I had left in storage. I rushed back to where I’d died to recover my gear (again).

I never found any of the gear. Nor did I find any of that obsidian that I’d mined and died for.

I am a Minecraft idiot.

  • Happybandit

    Wow. This sounds almost identical to an experience I had Sunday night.

  • That’s a very sad story. 

  • And that, my friends, is why you always explore with a friend. Remember kids, safe Minecrafters use the buddy system! 😉

  • You should check if you can run the Rei’s Minimap mod while connected to your server. It supports waypoints and automatically leaves a marker where you died that you can spot on your map.

  • Joost is right, REI’s Minimap is the win. Also, we are glad to have you on the server, whether you claim to have time or not. 😛

  • If you find some Obsidian in your chest in R’lyeh… I have no idea how it got there 😉

  • Rubicant

    I’ve had the same problem. Except on my server, the creepers appear to have unionized and never seem to go anywhere in anything less than a pack of three like late story onyx sentinels. I can say that you will never see the creeper that kills you.

  • AshenSwift

    That kind of thing happens to a lot of people in minecraft actually. I recommend keeping a stack of dirt on your hotbar so you can block off the water flow, or get out of the water. REI’s minimap works on servers regardless, it only has to be “enabled” for the nether, but agreed, VERY handy!

    Lately on our server, we’ve had the same problem as Rubicant. I pride myself as a master survivalist, able to go miles deep, and only returning when my inventory is full, but lately, I can’t seem to even explore a desert for cactus or oil (we decided to try industrialcraft+buildcraft+redpower on our server, at the request of a few players. fun stuff) without getting assassinated by those green menaces.

  • Rodspina

    thank you E, this game looks pretty interesting 😉
    (and I kind of need to keep on waiting for a Skyrim’s patch to fix a couple of quests bugs I got stuck with!)
    I will look a bit more into it but it looks like I’ll probably be “digging in” later tonight. Sweet.
    I really liked Age of Empires from the very beggining and the only part of it I disliked was the whole fighting/going to war portion of it. Resource gathering and advancing/evolving was very satisfying but somehow I always had the wrong fighting units and kept of getting run over by faster players with an actual strategy. it looks like this game has the potential to be more limited into the resource gathering, building, etc.

  • That still happens to me sometimes >.>